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How to scale your winning ads on Facebook?

Law firms are slowly starting to advertise on Facebook and how to scale your winning ads on facebook is becoming more important. Acquiring new business on Google is becoming more competitive and so advertising costs are rising with it. This is leading to the rise of firms adopting social media ads, where you can get leads for pennies on the dollar.

Initial pain

Advertising on any platform for the first time will always cause some trouble. For example, if you use the Facebook boost button you may as well be posting a check to their HQ. Be prepared in the initial stages for a lot of ads to not perform as you hope. This will be for a variety of reasons but it’s okay as your main goal is to test and find some winning combinations between your ad angles and audiences.

How to scale your winning ads on facebook

Prepare for success

But, how to scale your winning ads on Facebook  and what you do next, is very important ????When you want to scale your ad; think both vertically and horizontally.

What does this mean?

Scaling vertically means adding more budget to the ad that performed well. You’re betting on this ad and preparing for it to give you a great return on ad spend.

Pros: You know it has a good track record of getting a return.

Cons: You don’t know how long that performance will last so you can’t guarantee the same results with an increased ad spend.

Scaling horizontally means adding new ad sets. An ad set is your ad angle (creative & copy). You add these to find new winning combinations.

Pros: Find new angles that resonate with your audience.

Cons: Slower and more arduous process than simply increasing your budget.

Choose wisely. Horizontally is the safer option but it is okay to test vertical scaling too up until certain points. You have to keep a close eye on your budget and be prepared to pause the ad at any point once your return drops.

How to scale your winning ads on facebook

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