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Content, Training, Consultancy

In2 is an engineering consultancy firm with 20+ years of experience. They specialise in MEP design, building services and sustainability solutions.

Client Objectives

Up skill the team

Up skilling focuses on improving employees' skill sets, usually through training, so they can grow and develop in their jobs.

Grow brand visibility

The more visible your brand is the greater chance you have of reaching potential customers.

Set online foundations

Foundations such as understanding your business, analysing your competition and understanding your clients are key to success.


Reflecting The Brand

After speaking with the IN2 team, they felt they needed to better reflect some of the work that was being done by their engineering academy. We felt the best way to tell this story would be through a video. We brainstormed some of the best video styles that would encapsulate their message. Then we storyboarded with the team to plan out an upcoming shoot and what message we wanted this content piece to get across.

Shooting & Editing

On the day of the shoot we did numerous sit-down interviews with people on the team while getting B roll and other types of shots we felt would reflect the IN2 Academy well. Post-production, our team worked back and forth to ensure our edits, animations and the finished product would be something everyone could be proud of.




The IN2 team felt there were areas within the digital suite that they could improve their understanding on. This included everything within the core areas of: how their business is getting views online, what they can do to improve this and how their branding and content can better reflect the quality work they do with clients, with the core goal of this generating new business opportunities.

Knowledge Transfer

Given these goals, we had a set training plan virtually through zoom and with our own content. This covered both paid and organic search as well as the opportunities they have when it comes to paid social. We brought them through the steps on analysing certain data trends, the lessons to take from competitors in their market as well as how to conduct their own digital health check moving forward.



The goal of our work with IN2 was centred around how we could digitise their firm. This included everything from how their brand appeared or was perceived online, how they could raise awareness within the markets they were targeting and how they could open themselves up to new business opportunities through new marketing strategies across different digital channels.

Implementation Plan

It was important to agree on a strategy, have a tailored plan across the different channels they wanted to target and assign a person internally to carry it out. But most importantly, to set out budgets, timelines and expectations around performance so the team could manage different challenges internally once they started carrying out the plan we had set out for them.