Tracking Law Firm Marketing

Things You Should Know About Tracking Law Firm Marketing Activities

Digital marketing is the new big thing for every firm in every industry, and the same applies to law firms. It has been a very useful tool for networking, capturing opportunities online and engaging with customers through various platforms.

When you’re spending a huge amount of money on digital marketing, it is important to know how successful your marketing campaign is and which activities are producing most favourable results. When you track law firm marketing activities, you gain crucial insights into your marketing strategies.

Why should you track law firm marketing activities?

When you track law firm marketing activities, it can help you in determining which measures are fruitful and where you should spend your money, so it becomes an investment and not just an expense. With this analysis, you can use various platforms for marketing your services, like websites, social media, paid to advertise, SEO effectively.

Things to consider when tracking marketing activities

As you track law firm marketing activities, focus on some questions, like,

  • Which method is most useful?

There are many techniques in digital marketing that you can use for your firm. In Ireland, organic searches are 5.66 times more effective than paid searches. Different things work for different people. Choose what works best for you, and concentrate on that, increase your efforts in that direction and utilise it in the best way.

  • Where are your clients coming from?

Identify the medium your clients are using to get to you and focus on them. Statistics show that Facebook is most popular in Ireland for digital sales. Similarly, there are many things you include on your websites or social media, like blogs, articles, and videos. In Ireland, the average engagement rate is 3.94% on Facebook, and a post with a video in it increases the engagement rate to 10.26%.

  • Where do you need to spend more money?

Money, without any doubt, is the main resource for any organisation, and if not used wisely; you can suffer a huge loss. Once you know the preferred medium and technique of clients to reach to you, invest money in it. While making a budget, make sure most effective mediums and techniques get more budget.

  • How to track your marketing activities?

Now that you know how essential it is to monitor your firm’s marketing activities online, you must know the tools needed. There are many tools for tracking analytics for lawyers in the market that can help you analyse which strategies are working and which aren’t. These include Google Analytics, Clicky, and SEMRush. Each of these helps you analyse your leads and their behaviour in depth. This can increase your law firm’s business.

If you track your law firm’s marketing activities using analytics for lawyers, you can make a whole lot of difference in your business operations and its success. It helps you in getting more leads and also in retaining them for a long time while improving your online presence. The end result is a flourishing law practice.



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