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Chapter 2: The Successful Lawyer [Branding for Lawyers Series]

The Successful Lawyer: The Lawyer Who Will Prosper

That is how the digital age will affect law firms, but what will be the difference when it comes to the individual will it make you a successful lawyer?

How can you use these developments to accelerate your own career, move up the career ladder quicker and become a well respected lawyer in your sphere?

Successful Lawyer

Let’s take a step back first. Partners in firms have always been chosen based on their ability to bring in new business. There can be other reasons of course. But if management know you can deliver consistent new business for the firm then you are a lot more likely to move up to a position of greater influence.

If you are bringing in a lot of business, that drives your own stock up.

What are new ways of bringing in more business for you and your firm that you might not be exploiting? Digital channels.

If you can build your own digital channels and grow an engaged audience, you are a lot more likely to accelerate your own career and become a partner in your firm.

Managing Partners tell me every day that the associates and trainees who have a strong digital presence are starting to stand out.

It is an asset and will help you in every situation. Whether you are interviewing for positions or trying to negotiate a salary increase, having a voice in your sphere with an audience who pays attention is never a bad thing.

With firms beginning to recognize the importance of a strong online presence, they are starting to see the connection between it and new business opportunities. Strong employee presences online help to grow a firm’s brand. It builds a picture in people’s mind of their values, what they stand for and the great work they do.

So, in this course, we are going to look at the steps that you, as an ambitious lawyer can take to ensure you capitalise at this new world at your feet.

But, first, let’s take a look at what the world may look like for partners in law firms 10 years from now so we know what we’re working towards?

This blog post is part of our Branding For Lawyers Series. Look out for our next post on it.



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