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Chapter 3: The Modern Law Firm Partner [Branding for Lawyers Series]

Branding for lawyers:

The Modern Law Firm Partner

We now know how important branding for lawyers, but it is necessary to start putting the time into the online side of their own brand. For the lawyers who adopt these practices and do accelerate their career, what will the role of a partner in a firm look like when they get there?

The partner of a law firm in 2030 will look very different than today. What could a day in their life look like 10 years from now?

Branding for lawyers

There’s no doubt that a lot of the core principals will stay the same. For example, delivering great service to your clients will always be extremely important.

But, how this is achieved may start to shift over time. Some of the day to day activities may change entirely. This will especially be the case when you look at your business development efforts.

Firm’s will begin to realize that the long term play is: Brand over sales. It’s a good long term strategy to invest in your personal brand today.

You will see yourself becoming more of a commentator and a voice on your corner of the world. You will be in your own corner of the world, wherever your expertise lies.

Your KPI reports will start to change. They will be from your own audience and you will be silently judged on the information you are giving out.

– Have you been consistent?
– Have you been engaging?
– How have you entertaining me?
– How has it helped my own problems?

A day may look something like..

You’ll wake up.

On your way to work, you’ll chat with Google.

You’ll ask what is going on in the world. Your world. Your carefully curated world.

What is the ammunition you need for your morning roundup?

As you get into the office and sip your morning coffee, you’ll gather your thoughts on some of the latest events:

“Britain’s bid to rejoin EU rejected again”

From there you’ll share your own thoughts on it.

You know the angle and medium that will go down a treat with your audience on this subject.

It takes 5 minutes and you have now shared it across some of your channels.

After that, you check in with your personal digital marketer.

They will also do some secretarial work for you but overall her value is in her marketing nous.You get yesterday’s analytics on your posts and videos.

You pencil in the changes you want to make for next week’s content schedule.

You get informed that you’ve 2 new lunch meetings next week.

They’ve come off the back of the comments section on the article you wrote and shared last Wednesday.

It was picked up by some online media and the financial times online.

You have some clients coming in this morning but after lunch, you have some client check-ins that you’re going to video into.

After lunch, you dedicate an hour a day to attend to inbound leads/calls. That’s between 2-3pm.

You see 4 qualified leads have scheduled time in your calendar for the end of the month.

The calendar and survey system is the marketing funnel you’ve been using for the past 6 months.

It’s worked really well after your recent iterations to the back end activation campaigns.

Everything is automated and it’s brought in 4 new files in Q4 already.

You also use this time to look at the KPI’s on your paid advertising campaigns. You have a multi-channel strategy focused on LinkedIn, Google & Facebook.

Before leaving for home and taking some calls on the road.

You check your new business %. It is up to 47, the second highest in the firm.

You schedule out your tweets for the evening as that is when they get the most engagement and you head home to dinner with the family.

You haven’t missed one in months.

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