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Chapter 10: Law Firm Marketing: Test, Learn And Iterate [Branding For Lawyers Series]

Law Firm Marketing:Test, Learn And Iterate

What is the one secret to successful digital marketers? They experiment. They test, they learn from those tests, and they make iterations based off those learnings. With any type of law firm marketing campaign you do, you should be experimenting. Look at everything as a test. From the medium, to the channel to the angle.

Law Firm Marketing

Look at every tactic you employ for your personal brand as an investment to get back some valuable data. Revise what you’ve learned from the content successes and failures.

Create with purpose. Make assumptions based on past results and see if they ring true. Intent is really important so you know that you are headed in an upward trajectory.

Your first test could be finding out the best times to post. When do you get the most engagement? Others can be the whether video performs well and within that, does a short form well produced video work better than a longer form discussion on your iPhone?

There are always other ways to experiment with what you’ve learned to get more data. Once you have some learnings, go in and expand out your testing parameters with greater scale.

Can you branch out and start a series after that one video did well?

Could you start a podcast off it?

The idea is to never remain stagnant but build off the lessons that you’ve been learning.

Building a really strong personal brand is going to take time as I’ve mentioned. But, you can start to learn from your audience from Day 1.

Every few months you should look back and know a lot more about your audience than you did previously.

So, keep testing and learning. The advantages are huge as you will experience:

  • Less wasted budget.
  • Less time wasted.
  • Acquiring more clients, for less.
  • More of the work you want.

This blog post is part of our Branding For Lawyers Series.



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