How to Create a Bulletproof Personal Brand 

in the Law Industry

Get new business, be seen as an expert, and accelerate your journey to partner through digital channels

The law industry is rapidly evolving. Are you keeping up?


Top level management of all types of law firms are now starting to recognize the importance of young lawyers having a strong professional online presence with an engaged audience. 


The lawyers who do will reap the following benefits:


                                             - Faster career advancement

                                             - More opportunities for salary increases

                                             - Easier to bring in new business

                                             - More work from your ideal clientele

                                             - More speaking opportunities

                                             - More respect from peers in your niche 


Your reputation has always been one of your most valuable assets. This always has been the case and it always will be as how you are perceived can affect everything.


You can now take proactive steps to build your profile and reputation through online channels.


We see that the lawyers who do the small consistent work on their personal brand prosper as it compounds over time and they become household names in their field.


What is the first step?


To achieve a big online audience you first need to know how to build your online profiles, the channels to be on, the types of content to share and the ways in which you can get your message to resonate with your audience and get them to care.


CEO EuroComply Data Protection 

Emerald De Leeuw

"I owe my career to my education combined with time well spent building my personal brand through social media as well as in the real world speaking at events, winning awards through entering international competitions and participating in panel discussions".


Co Founder & CEO Legal RSS

Susan Bourke

"If you always do what you’ve always done you will always have what you have always got. Embrace disruption and deliver relevant valuable content for your clients consistently to promote you and your firm".



Donal Carroll

Principal Solicitor

Materials were really well put together, the downloadable content was very helpful too.

Neil Kidd


All extremely interesting for marketing  and promoting yourself or your firm

Brian Mc Mullin

Principal Solicitor

Found the content really really interesting. Big thanks to the Evolve Marketing team.

What's inside the program?


Each chapter will contain a video going through the material and will be accompanied by an eBook to help you get a full grasp of all the lessons, strategies and activities you need to successfully market yourself online.


Chapter 1

-The Changing Tide-

Sweeping technological changes facing the law industry


Chapter 2

-The Lawyer Who Will Prosper-

How individual solicitors can set themselves up for success


Chapter 3

-The Modern Partner-

What will a day in a partner's life look like 10 years from now


Chapter 4

-Build Your Online Profile-

Guidelines to follow when setting up your profiles


Chapter 5

-Reputation Management-

The steps you can take to negate negative press online


Chapter 6

-Channel Strategy-

What is the best online platform for you to be on


Chapter 7

-Content Strategy-

The categories of content you should be sharing


Chapter 8

-How People Make Decisions-

Marketing funnels and how you can use them


Chapter 9

-Think For 1-

How to create so you can influence your audience


Chapter 10

-Test, Learn & Iterate-

The one thing that will ensure success down the line


Emer Craig

Marketing Manager - LK Shields

"Developing your own brand online is essential for anyone working in professional services.  Digital platforms allow you develop a network of contacts and to curate and create great content with which to engage them.  Building a footprint of thought and knowledge leadership adds credibility and assists with everything from client retention, business development, career advancement and promotion and salary negotiations."

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