Online Marketing for Law Firms

Online Marketing for Law Firms

Online Marketing for Law Firms

8 Winning Writing StrategiesInfluence your Online Audience as a Lawyer

Online marketing for law firms is something that the vast majority of lawyers think of last when it comes to their priority list. In the law industry, lawyers are great when it comes to the written word. But they can struggle with communicating this when they are doing their online marketing for their law firm.

It is required in the kind of work that you have to do. But, this style of writing is not the same style that will win you new client’s online.

There are different styles and new writing techniques to capture people’s attention and interest online.

Copy writing is the act of writing for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Below are some simple copywriting tips to help you persuade people. Each tip will give some examples that are applicable to the legal industry.

online marketing for law firms

These tips can be used in multiple parts of your business. They can be ad angles/ blog headlines or website pages. But, implementing them will help you to better engage your audience online.

Online Marketing for Law Firms – 8 Writing Strategies

#1 How To….

Give people the steps to solving a problem they may have.

How having an in-house counsel will save you thousands each year.
How to set yourself up if the property market crashes

#2 Pointing out Pain & Solving it

Agitate a problem your audience has but then show you have the solution.

The 1 problem that delays buying your first home, and how to avoid it
I was shortchanged by an insurance company, this is what I learned.

#3 Positive minus Negative

Similar to How To, although the essence is how you can gain something by avoiding some associated pain with it.

Have a smooth divorce, and avoid the courtroom
How to make a will that’s legally binding, without the headaches

#4 The Secret to…

The secret to filing for a patent
The secret behind the recent HSE scandal 

#5 Controversy

Latch onto a recent controversial topic with your own spin and angle

Why hospital x has a 35% dissatisfaction rating from its former patients and what you can do if you’ve been affected
What does the recent referendum result mean for you and your family

#6 A Story

People love stories. Tell ones that are in your area.

How a 72-year-old lady got her injury claim thrown out for ticking the wrong box
Why did this father lose custody of his children for no apparent reason?

#7 Commonality

What are the common traits shared by your audience that bounds them together?

To all those affected by…If you’ve just filed for a PLC, this is what you need to do next: 

#8 Asking poignant questions

Get people to think by asking thought-provoking questions within your area.

Why is Brexit ruining the livelihood of accounting firms?
What are the 4 legal mishaps that hurt new businesses down the road?

Use these wisely and they have the power to multiply your conversion rates.



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