Guide To Online Marketing

The Irish Solicitor’s Guide To Online Marketing

In today’s digital age, online marketing is essential for business growth and opportunities for solicitors. Online marketing helps drive awareness, generate leads, increase client base, and subsequent business growth. The popularity of this form of marketing has risen in the recent past, especially in Ireland, with Irish advertisers spending around €574m in 2018 on a range of online marketing solutions.

Solicitors and law firms need an effective digital marketing strategy to turn prospects into clients. Elements like social media and content marketing play an optimal role in conveying the right message to the right audience. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the online marketing strategy that will increase your exposure to the target audience, boost your credibility, and establish your brand.

SEO: Be the first one to be found

Google rewards quality content. It does so by ranking it higher in the search results whenever someone types relevant keywords into the search engine. Optimising your content with quality SEO tactics and elements will please the Google algorithms and help propel your website’s ranking on search results organically.

Client engagement

Lack of proper client engagement leads to loss of clients. The success of your law firm is based on and revolves around your leads and clients. One of the effective ways of turning prospects into clients is to provide them with quality service and proper engagement.

Social media strategy

Awareness is the crucial predecessor to increasing your client base. A great way of doing that today is through social media. As per the 2018 IPSOS/MRBI report, Facebook is the widely used social media platform in Ireland, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Building your social media strategy around these platforms will help spread awareness about your business, reach, engage your target demographic, and bring in referrals.

Quality content marketing

Online communication with your clients can be a catalyst for the growth of your business. Creating and curating quality content that resonates with your core as well as potential audience is effective marketing. It includes – blogs, videos, articles, podcasts, guides, etc.

Search engine marketing

While SEO helps you rank higher in search results organically, SEM refers to getting significant traffic to your website through paid search results. It is an effective way of directing prospects to your website whenever they search for keywords related to your business.

Email marketing

Email campaigns are one of the most efficient tools for online marketing. Periodic newsletters and personalised emails are effective ways of keeping in touch with your past and current clients.

Monitoring leads and growth

If you can not measure or track your online marketing success, it will be difficult for you to learn about its results and performance. Performance analytics and metrics will help you optimise and improve it accordingly to get more clients and exposure.

Online marketing dominates any other form of marketing for solicitors and law firms in this day and age. Employ the strategies mentioned in this beginner’s guide to online marketing to drive maximum traffic to your website, increase the number of clients, and grow your business efficiently.



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