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Why podcasts and video marketing can be excellent marketing strategies for accounting firms

The use of podcasts and vlogs (video blogs) can be a great marketing idea for accounting firms because they can reach a wider audience and build trust with their potential customers. Here’s everything you need to know about creating content on these popular platforms.

What Are Podcasts and Vlogs?

Podcasts and vlogs utilise a common language – the language of information – despite being distinct worlds. Both are programmes that feature one or multiple hosts engaging in conversations about a wide range of topics and specific interests on a regular basis.

Although vlogs and podcasts are both digital content, they differ in that vlogs are primarily video-based and are typically posted on platforms such as YouTube. Meanwhile, podcasts are primarily audio-based and are frequently published on platforms like Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts.

It’s worth mentioning that recent trends indicate that podcasts are now being uploaded on YouTube as well, despite it not being a dedicated podcast hosting platform. This allows viewers to enjoy their favourite creators hosting their podcast shows in a video format.

How Can Podcasts and Vlogs Help Build Trust with Potential Clients?

Establishing trust with potential clients can be a challenging task that requires hard work and dedication. There are no shortcuts to effortlessly attract clients without putting in the necessary effort.

One way to establish trust is by consistently creating content that offers solutions to common problems. Through podcasts and vlogs, you can provide your audience with helpful accounting solutions and offer tips that position you as a dependable source of information.

It takes time and persistence to develop a reputation as an expert in the field of accounting and taxation. You must remain patient and trust the process as you gradually build a library of content from scratch and gradually increase your following on social media platforms.

What Are The Differences Between Podcasts And Vlogs And Which Is Best For My Firm?

Vlogs are consumed by watching a video while podcasts are usually consumed by listening to content in an audio format. Typically, podcasts are listened to passively (at the gym, while working, etc.) while vlogs are watched more actively on a phone or computer. 

Consuming vlogs requires some commitment from the viewer because they have to pay attention to be able to understand what is being discussed. It also means that your content needs to be eye-catching and engaging on a visual level. 

Videos employ a number of ways to keep audience attention. Even a simple vlog will use charts, images and effects all aimed at keeping interest up. With so much content on the internet, the moment a viewer is bored becomes the moment they go to another video. 

Podcasts are much more “relaxed” in the sense that the content can be consumed while doing other activities such as cleaning the house, cooking or working out. 

Another thing worth pointing out is that vlogs require huge and lengthy production effort because you’re going to need to film, edit the video and eventually produce it. Podcasts typically just need to be recorded and then edited, with responses from hosts largely being spontaneous and produced uncut.

If Vlogs Are Difficult To Produce, Why Should An Accounting Firm Consider Producing One Over The Other?

Vlogging and podcasting are potent tools for businesses and organisations to connect with their target customers or audience and promote their services or products. Each of these digital contents has its own benefits and can be employed in different ways.

One reason why vlogging may be deemed more potent than podcasting is that it combines both audio and visual elements. Vlogs enable businesses to share their message not only through audio but also through visual cues such as body language, facial expressions, and visual aids. This can make the message more engaging and memorable for the viewer.

Furthermore, vlogs can be more versatile than podcasts in terms of the type of content that can be produced and shared. Vlogs can encompass a broad range of visual elements, such as demonstrations, product assessments or reviews, and behind-the-scenes footage, which can help to increase engagement and make the content more interesting, informative, and educational to a wide range of audiences, particularly for students as in the case of tutorials.

Additionally, vlogs can be more accessible to a wider audience, as they can be viewed by people with various languages or hearing impairments. Subtitles are often provided, and they can be made available to different regions or countries worldwide. Moreover, they can be shared across different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Podcasting also has its own benefits and could be more effective in certain circumstances. Podcasts can be listened to on the go while doing other activities, and they can be consumed in an audio-only format, which can be more convenient for most listeners.

In conclusion, while both podcasting and vlogging have their distinct benefits, it ultimately depends on the specific audience and goals of a business or organisation to determine which one is more effective and powerful for them.

Podcasts And Vlogs Educate Specific Audiences

Content produced for podcasts and vlogs is used to target specific audiences such as entrepreneurs, business owners and high-net-worth individuals. Media can provide them with the relevant content that they need to grow their business. 

Educational content provided to these target groups establishes the firm as a thought leader and therefore further attracts clients that are looking for your expert advice. 

When used correctly, these forms of digital media help your firm increase brand awareness and reach wider audiences. As you move to increase content production for your vlogs and podcasts, which are both informative and entertaining, accounting firms have a far better chance of increasing their visibility in the digital space they operate in. 

How to Increase Brand Engagement with Vlogs and Podcasts

Creating content in the format of podcasts and vlogs is an effective way for businesses to increase engagement and develop a loyal following on social media. By providing a personal and authentic connection with the audience, podcasts and vlogs allow hosts to showcase their voice, personality and perspective, which helps to build trust and create a sense of community.

It is important to remember that building a community of followers is a process that requires time and effort. In addition to podcasts and vlogs, creating other types of content such as text or infographics can also be effective in building a mixed media library that can be accessed by a wider audience.

How Can Marketing Agencies Help Accounting Firms Create High-Value Podcasts And Vlogs ?

Marketing agencies are equipped with marketing and advertising knowledge and experience to help you develop a content strategy for podcasts and blogs. Marketing firms could also craft the topics you could cover, write the goals for the content and objectively determine the target audience of your content. 

What’s more, marketing agencies manage a team of web developers that have technical knowledge in recording, editing and producing these types of digital media. 

What Software Do I Need To Create Podcasts and Vlogs For My Accounting Firm?

Creating vlogs and podcasts involves a range of production processes, including recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio and video content. This requires knowledge of the appropriate editing software and skilled professionals who can operate the digital tools.

There are different software programs available for editing and producing vlogs and podcasts, including Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Audition. However, the choice of software often comes down to personal preference and specific requirements.

In addition to the production process, post-production is also an important consideration. Accounting firms may not have a media team to handle these tasks, so outsourcing post-production work to experienced professionals with technical expertise is a viable option.

Podcasts and vlogs are effective marketing tools, but creating high-quality content requires resources and expertise that may not be available in-house. Many businesses are turning to external marketing agencies that can help produce informative and engaging content to drive traffic to their websites.

Here are some of the top rated podcasts for accounting firms which are available today:

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