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Law Firm Marketing: Making your law firm stand out

How Law Firm Marketing Can Help You In A Way Of Making Your Law Firm Stand Out (3 Actionable Tips)

Is it just me, or is it hard, making your law firm stand out and what sets aside each law firm? There are no differentiating factors between a lot of them. Law firm marketing can seem extremely similar.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this, but is it just me who finds it impossible to differentiate between law firms?

It feels like the majority are the same. All from the branding to what they communicate:

“We at <insert law firm> consistently provide exemplary service while putting our client first while striving to deliver a business savvy solution that will exceed expectations.”

Law Firm Marketing: We can do better

The thing is, I know that law firms are different. People in the industry understand there are huge variances between firms. For example you will have one firm in mind for a big IP case, but if there is a medical negligence claim then the firm you go to will differ.

Pick any practice area of law, there are experts in these fields. So why does the firm’s communication not highlight this better?

In today’s industry with downward pressure on fees and rising client expectations, your firm’s brand needs to be memorable. Your firm needs to ensure that if your going into a proposal meeting or for tender, you are already known for something.

The same carbon copied marketing and communications strategy is not what will get you business into the future

Making your law firm stand out

Quick Tips to Differentiate

This is not a complicated topic, but it does require buy-in from the entire firm. How can your firm stand out in a crowded and extremely competitive marketplace?

  1. Don’t be everything for everybody: What are your solicitors bloody great at? What are your true areas of expertise? Once you know, double down on these like crazy. Ensure anyone who comes across your firm would be under no illusion as to what your forte is.
  2. Tell your backstory: An old boss of mine once said: “If your boring, it’s your own fault”. Being professional should not mean boring. Your firm should have a distinct tone of voice that ties into the story of the firm. Are you a family run firm? Are you a newly opened “progressive” firm? Shout it loud and proud and ensure everyone from site visitors to current clients know about it. It will massively help engagement across the board.
  3. Your employees are your brand’s best PR spokespeople: As a firm, you are already halfway there with this one. Would you hire a trainee, an associate or even a brilliant partner if your values did not align? I don’t think you would so utilize this to your advantage. Have incentives for your staff who embody the brand well in their online and offline worlds. For example, do you pride yourself on your CSR campaigns- then encourage employees to take time off as let them take off on their own charity challenges.

Between legal service providers and growing competition between law firms, it is your job to ensure your law firm stands out.

Your brand is what people say about you when your not in the room. So make sure it is something positive and memorable.



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