Get New Clients For Your Law Firm

How To Get New Clients For Your Law Firm

Your means of bringing in new business can sometimes feel exhausting. So law firm owners will often end up Googling “How to get new clients for your law firm”.

Running or helping to manage your own firm means you have a million and one things to be worrying about. So sometimes, you may happen to neglect your marketing and business development work.

When this happens you do something that should never be done: you sit and wait for the new files to come through the door.

After a few days (or hours) of this, you realize it’s not a good strategy. What can you and your firm do to generate new business quickly?

new clients for your law firm
How to get new clients for your law firm

How to get new clients for your law firm?

1. Exhaust your current network

Go through both current and past clients and analyze potential work your leaving on the table.

Are there opportunities to up sell or cross-sell to current clients?What service areas of your firm might they not be aware of that could benefit them?Call them and have a chat.

With past clients; how satisfied with your previous work were they? Build a campaign around the people who were happy.

Communicate with them and nurture that relationship further, they may be able to pass work onto you or you could have particular incentives in place for past clients on a piece of work they need now.

2. Build out a digital marketing campaign

Forget traditional methods for the moment. You need clients fast. With that in mind, you need to carry out a campaign that you can track and measure the results of.

new clients for your law firm

Where to start?

Simplify it. Pick a service within your business that ticks as many of the following as possible:

– You can deliver on relatively easy
– You have a good track record with
– Has high margins
– Can scale easily

Once you’ve narrowed down one product line, we can start to think of a campaign or funnel we can build around that.

What are our options?

Google PPC
Social (Facebook & Instagram)
Email (If you have a lot of email subscribers)
Organic content on social (If you have a lot of followers)

Please get in touch if you need help deciding on the type of channel you think you should choose.

Once you’ve decided on your channel, create a page or pages on your site where you are going to send the traffic to. This page should give your audience value (either be educating or entertaining) and help them solve their problem.

But they should be left under no illusion that the final step is for them to get in touch. Plaster your number and email all over the page and if you are already extremely busy, you could integrate a calendar booking system into it too.

3. Sit back and relax

Not actually????.
Whatever marketing strategy you employ you should learn from quickly. Take stock of performance on a weekly basis and adjust accordingly.

If you think Evolve Marketing can help your law firm build out their digital marketing campaign then please get in touch.



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