Getting more legal clients

Chapter 9: Getting more legal clients [Branding For Lawyers Series]

Getting more legal clients: Think For 1

You’ve built your online profiles, you’ve picked your channel, you know how your audience thinks and you’ve made the commitment to start creating content for the purpose of getting more legal clients.

The next step is to get people to engage and care with what your doing.

Getting more legal clients

There are strategies and tactics to follow. The first principal to remember is the following: if you audience is everyone, your audience is no one.

Once you know your audience, you need to be personal and contextual in everything you produce.

Create for one person. Who is that person? Well let’s revert back again to our objectives:What are we trying to achieve?

This can change as you go through your career. As we’ve spoken about, your goal may start out as being to get a job in a top firm, then you progress and want to be known as one of the top associate’s in your field and finally you’ll want to grow an engaged audience where corporate businesses are coming to you for legal advice.

This is the final step that will accelerate your journey to becoming a partner. So, figure out, what is your current situation?

Do you want to become a partner in your firm?
Do you want a job in a top firm?
Do you want to be seen as an expert in your niche?
Are you trying to win business on behalf of your firm?

Whatever the answer is, there will be an audience associated with that. Then you have to create content for that subset of people. So now we know the group of people we want to convince but we can get even more granular.

Instead of producing content for a subset of people, produce it for one person in that group. Let’s give this person some characteristics.

– What are their current problems?
– What are they looking to achieve?
– What does the rest of their life look like?
– How much do they earn and what type of job are they in?
– Do they have a family or kids?

Go into as much detail here as you like. Build an avatar of our audience and always keep them in mind with everything you do. If you speak to one, you’ll influence many.

This blog post is part of our Branding For Lawyers Series. Look out for our last post on it.



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