Facebook Marketing for Law Firms

Facebook Marketing for Law Firms

Facebook Marketing for Law Firms: The Social Media Dilemma

How can you avoid another failed Facebook advertising campaign? Let’s examine three aspects that will be the foundation to any profitable campaign on Facebook.

You’ve heard it before, Social media marketing, especially Facebook marketing for law firms is essential for your brands awareness. But, if you are solely relying on organic content then your brand can feel like you are talking to yourself.

This makes brands look at paid campaigns on Facebook. You briefly plan out what your going to say and click on the big blue “Boost Post” button. You then put your feet up and wait for the magic to happen.

Unfortunately, magic isn’t real and you’ve been left wanting for both conversions and new business opportunities.

While your ad metrics say that your ad was shown to thousands of people, you still got no business from it. In fact, your starting to realize that your campaign did not move the needle at all.

Sound familiar?

This is the situation we want to avoid as people lose hope that Facebook and online advertising as a whole can provide any value at all for their business. Here are 3 ways you can set yourself up for success with your next Facebook advertising campaign.

3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Any Business from Facebook, and How You Can Fix It

What can be done to avoid another failed Facebook advertising campaign?

Facebook marketing for law firms
Facebook Marketing For Law Firms

Facebook Marketing for law firms:
How You Can Use it To Get Clients

1. A New Mindset

The first mistake new advertisers make on Facebook can be traced back to their mindset. Unfortunately, you’re not just going to stumble across that winning ad that makes you 6 figures. To uncover extremely profitable ads, you have to strenuously test ad sets (ad angle + audience) and invest time and money.

Start your campaigns with the mindset that the data you are getting back is extremely valuable. To get it, you need to invest money. As the old saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money.

Frank Kern, a paid traffic expert also highlighted the value of the data Facebook provides perfectly when he posed the question:

How much would you spend for a magic wand that showed you; who to target, what to say, your ideal age range and everything you needed to know so you could generate a high return on ad spend?

My guess would be a lot.

2. Don’t pick a specific audience

One other huge mistake new advertisers on Facebook make is they define their audience way too narrow. Don’t flex target. You don’t want to make too many assumptions on who is going to convert and sign up or buy what you have to offer. Let the data tell you. Start broad and have different audiences running alongside each other. If you are restrained by budget, start with 8. But you should ideally be looking to test out at least 16 audiences.

You can supplement your campaigns with previous knowledge on who your clients and buyers are, but don’t let it be your sole starting point. You can supplement your campaigns with previous knowledge on who your clients and buyers are, but don’t let it be your starting point.

The Facebook optimization process will take 2 – 4 days so let it do the optimization for you. There’s no need to try and beat or out guess their algorithm.

3. Upgrade your copywriting

Everybody’s attention is being sought. Everywhere we look, brand’s are trying to speak to us.

This means your copy and creative have to resonate with your audience. Test different ad angles with different copy and different creatives. Figure out the magic formula.

There needs to be clear strategic thought gone into your copy. What is your ad angle, how are you trying to make people feel, what journey are you taking them on and how do you want them to act?

Once you’ve thought about this, your offer should be the gap between your audience’s current situation and their desired one.

There are more mistakes that first time advertisers make on Facebook. But if you focus on the fundamentals and fix these three, you and your business will be in a very strong place to start seeing some real return on your Facebook advertising campaigns.



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