Facebook Ad Tips For Lawyers

Facebook Ad Tips For Lawyers

What are some Facebook ad tips for lawyers?

I’ve gone live with 3 different Facebook Ad Campaigns in the past week.

The campaigns are across different areas; from personal injury to conveyancing and technology.

Yet, the setup and structure of these campaigns are all extremely similar.

Here are some of my top tips if you’re going to start advertising your firm on Facebook.

5 Facebook Ad Tips For Lawyers

1. Get used to CBO

Facebook recently started to let you allocate your budget from the campaign level, as opposed to from ad sets. Start using this as after all, Facebook knows better where your potential clients are than you do.

2. Give a lot of upfront budget

Until you leave the learning period (50 conversions), give the algorithm a bit to play with. You will need to keep your audiences broad and have enough budget to get in front of these people to see valuable learning.

3. Have a naming structure

This is more suitable for the unorganized among us. You may quickly run up multiple ads, ad sets and campaigns. Having a defined naming structure for each allows you to make quick assessments on performance.

4. Have the campaign ready 2 days before you want to go live

Facebook disapproves ads all the time, so make sure you are ready well in advance of when you want to go live. Triple check your pixel too as otherwise, you’re throwing money down the drain.

5. Congruencey is king

I’ve said it before, but you need to think like the visitors who will be seeing your ad. What will they see in the:

– Ad 
– Landing Page
– Form
– Thank You Page

Everything should be connected so you’re giving a clear message to them. This will also increase their likelihood of converting.

There are plenty of other best practices within the platform. If you’re interested in running paid social ads for your own firm then please get in touch.

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