Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Strategy for Law Firms: Social Media Ads

As a partner in a firm, your intuition can be wrong about digital marketing strategy for law firms.

I spoke to a partner in a law firm the other day, and he said the following:

I want to target (x) group of people down the road from me who are always looking for (y) on FacebookI have a brilliant legal solution for them I can sell, that I know will help them, and it will help me at the same time get new business.”

Good idea, but only in theory. Let me tell you why. First off, it is good that a partner in a firm is thinking this way. So I’m not bashing them.

Digital marketing strategy for law firms

But why would I not recommend this approach?

We all want our ads to show to people we think are prospective clients. However, it is ill-advised to try and outsmart a social media platform’s algorithm.


Ad Frequency

Let’s say there are a group of 1,000 people who complain about a set problem every month and you target those people on Facebook. In the first 3 days of your campaign, every person in your group sees your ad, plus some others.

Some may have signed up but most probably didn’t, as is the way with most advertising campaigns.

After those few days, you see it becoming more expensive to reach these people and your metrics are tanking.


You’ve run out of people to show your ad to and your ad frequency has gone through the roof.

Facebook hates this. Facebook doesn’t want users having a bad experience on their platform so your cost per impression skyrockets and eventually your ads stop delivering.Your campaign lasted 3-5 days max. You may have got a sale or two, but did you get an ROI on your time and money?

Probably not.

Play within the rules of the game

When advertising on Facebook, think of services you can sell to large audiences and feed the algorithm plenty of variation.Your ads will then have the ability to scale and you won’t have to think of a new campaign every week.

Long Term Success > Short Term Sales



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