Content Marketing for Lawyers

Chapter 7: Content Marketing for Lawyers [Branding For Lawyers Series]

Content Marketing for Lawyers: Strategy

Content marketing for lawyers, what does this entail?

Our profiles are now built and we have picked our channel, what is next?

We have to work on a strategy of what you are going to say.

This is a professional profile so we’ll steer clear from what we might share on our personal profiles. We’ve previously outlined what our objectives are, so we need an angle to achieve those.

Content marketing for lawyers

Whatever you create, your content should fall into one of the 3 following categories:


People buy from people. It’s important to show some personality online. But the key is to be authentic. Your audience will see through things that are not genuine.

Everything personal you share does not have to be something positive from your highlight reel. If your comfortable, you can show challenges and the tougher moments of your work.

The key is to try and wrap what your sharing with powerful storytelling techniques.Share pictures and videos from your workday. Give praise to your colleagues, thank people for their mentorship. Build your network and engage with the people in it.

Show hobbies you have in your offline world. Not everything you share will be about yourself and you shouldn’t overthink this section. Whatever you are comfortable sharing will be received well once you are genuine.


One of your goals will be to be perceived as an expert in your field. To achieve this, you need to post regularly about areas within your niche.

This can range from commenting on new trends within your sphere to sharing some of the great work you’ve done to date. You can speak about recent problems your clients have encountered or your disbelief at new regulations. Our goal is to cement in people’s minds that we are one of the best people in our area.

Talk about the principles behind solving some of the problems you see on a day to day. Keep it to the high level stuff, there’s no need to get into the nitty gritty yet.

One good piece of advice I received before that relates to this was that you want to brand yourself so if you left a room and someone asked who you were, the other people would know clearly and respond with something like:

“Oh, that’s the GDPR girl”
“He’s the IP Lawyer”

You get the point. Contribute to your topic frequently if you want to be seen as the expert in that field.

Audience’s Journey

We will create more content for this category as we evolve and grow our personal brand. We can’t go straight into talking about the solutions we offer from day one. It will take a bit of time before we can pitch our own services.

First, we need to build up that trust and credibility. We have to be recognized as a thought leader from the people in our audience. But, once we have, this section will be really important.

We need to think carefully about our audience at all times. What is catching their interest and what will entice them to work with us in the weeks, months and years to come?

If we keep our finger on their pulse, we’ll never be short of new business.To help us think about this better, the next section will take a look at the process that people go through before making a purchase decision.

This blog post is part of our Branding For Lawyers Series. Look out for our next post on it.



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