Content Marketing for Law Firms

Content Marketing for Law Firms

What should my law firm communicate on our marketing channels?

One quick tip that will help you with content marketing for law firms:

A question a lot of managing partners ask me is the following: “What should we say when we’re posting on our marketing channels?”.

How do you get your content to resonate with your target audience?

Well, there’s no magic pill and you won’t know for sure until you test. But there’s one thing you can do that will give you some new direction.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

Build a client avatar.

As a firm, work out:
1. What is the work you’d like to do most of in 2019?
2. Who is the type of person who buys this product or service?

Your next job is to go deep on that idea client’s demographics and psychographics. This will help you understand them better.

Build a full story around their following characteristics:

Marital status
Employment status
Position within their business
Current situation in life
Their desired situation in life
Biggest headaches
Day in their life

Produce content that helps this person and iterate their story as you learn more about them. Once you’ve defined the person and you know who they are, you can speak to that person directly in your marketing communications and start the process of convincing them to work with you.


Content Marketing for Law Firms




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