How Evolve Marketing Thinks Differently

How does Evolve Marketing think differently?


One of the many ways we think differently at Evolve Marketing is that we challenge the status quo. 


Take for example the personal injury claims industry. There is a huge reliance to convert your front end traffic and there is little focus put on back end activation campaigns, despite personal injury being one of the most expensive industries across PPC. 

The fact we are a legal marketing specialist agency allowed us to trial a new solution in the way firms acquire claimants online. 

We shifted the focus in how we acquired new business for our clients and had tremendous success with it. This change in priorities has allowed our firms to dominate their respective markets as they have an enormous advantage in comparison to the firms who are marketing traditionally or reliant on Google Ads.

How else do we differ?

  • We work solely within the legal industry, we're a specialist agency

  • Our Founder, Tadhg, worked in personal injury litigation and has a deep understanding of the claims process. This knowledge is vital in building marketing campaigns for firms.

  • We have a deep relationships with our customers and we only work with 1 or 2 firms per market

  • We have a fixed price and it is based off results, not time.

  • Don't just take it from us, read what Evolve Marketing's clients have to say.

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