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McGuigan Solicitors

Are you a personal injury US law firm looking to grow a particular side of your practice?

Read this case study below.

McGuigan Solicitors are a family law firm that deal with a whole host of legal matters for private clients. With offices in Dublin and Cavan, they are quickly growing and have ambitious to be one of the top mid-sized firms in the country..

Before working with Evolve Marketing, they acquired their clients through referrals and word of mouth. 

They had a website and had tried their luck with other forms of traditional marketing, but their growth wasn't consistent.

The growth of McGuigan Solicitors wasn't dependable.

Catherine, Eoin & Aine of McGuigan Solicitors

The Problem

Catherine and her team wanted to grow the Medical Negligence side of their firm. It was an area they had great expertise in and had helped clients get fantastic results in.

But, the problem was they had no way to consistently get new opportunities for medical negligence claimants

They were hoping for things to come through the door.

How can you expect to grow an area of your firm without a full pipeline?

You can't.

Evolve Marketing took over the online activities of McGuigan Solicitors to do a few things:


i) Build out a hub of information on the website on Med Neg

ii) Build a Google Ads campaign to start delivering relevant traffic 

iii) Build a social media ads campaign to get more conversions off bounced visitors

iv) Offer valuable info to prospects via email sequences and lead magnets 



Our goal was to i) get new medical negligence claimants and ii) become known as  one of the leading medical negligence firms in Ireland through a brand awareness campaign. 

Below were some of our ads we used to both get new consultations for the firm as well as grow its brand as a med neg subject matter expert.











After a 4 month period...

We sent 30 new business opportunities for medical negligence claimants of which they closed a high % of.

They have issued court proceedings on a number of extremely high profile cases.


We also sent a huge number (just less than 3,000) of clicks to the medical negligence side of their website and used this audience to build a successful Google Display campaign to growth McGuigan Solicitors brand. 

Facebook and Instagram ads were used to follow up and stay top of mind for the prospects we had paid to come to our website but had bounced without converting.

This strategy gave us 6 new opportunities for medical negligence claimants as well as a noticeable uptake in medical negligence inquiries into the office, as reported by the ownership of the firm.

This same strategy can be applied and be successful if your firm has a marketing budget of €3,000 or €30,000

Does your own firm need more personal injury clients?

Would you like to grow the medical negligence side of your practice?

Book a consultation with our team and we can have a chat about increasing your claimant numbers. 

Our Solution

The Results

Next Steps?

"Evolve Marketing enabled us to grow our firm by giving us new clients through the door from their online marketing campaigns. We now have a reliable source of new business."

Eoin McGuigan

Partner, McGuigan Solicitors

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