Generalist vs Specialist

One of the biggest decisions to make as a law firm is how to handle your marketing.


In most cases, Law firms outsource their marketing to a Generalist Agency or a specialist.


In the above video, I give my perspective on what I believe are the main differences.


To Recap on the above.


Generalist Agencies work with all industries and they cover a very broad range of services. Specialists focus on a single niche or specific industry and only cover what they believe is moving the needle forward from a marketing perspective. Specialists have the capability of doing this because they are constantly gathering data as to what is working and what is not.


Benefits of working with a specialist:

  • They have a deep understanding of law firms and their needs.

  • They understand compliance and regulation when advertising for law firms

  • They understand the language that is needed from claimants of a personal injury accident to an employee with an unfair dismissal case.

  • They have deeper relationships with their customers as they don’t work with everyone

  • They do not upsell on other marketing services and have a fixed price

  • They are data-driven and only focus on numbers.


Overall, Evolve Marketing prides itself on being a specialist. We consider ourselves a high authority resource for law firms based on the results we have achieved for multiple firms.


We are constantly staying abreast to the dynamics of the market and how things are changing from a marketing perspective. We are a results-driven business and purely focus on the numbers so we can deliver a return on investment fast and efficiently. 


If you would like to learn more about our process we have multiple case studies and testimonials that we would be happy to send you.


We also offer a free strategy session which will give you newfound clarity as to how you can grow in a more predictable manner.

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