Case Study

Rogers Solicitors

Rogers Solicitors is one of the leading specialist personal injury firms in Ireland. They deal with a whole host of claimants involved in accidents on the road and in the workplace as well as some medical negligence claims.

Before working with Evolve Marketing, they acquired their clients through two main channels:

i) referrals/ word of mouth


ii) Google Ads.

They also spent some money on SEO but had not seen it bring in any new clients. In total, their monthly marketing spend averaged between €2,500 to €4,000. 

These were the traffic numbers we had to work with for Rogers Solicitors

The Problem

Speaking with the owner of the firm, Ciaran, we quickly learned that the firm was having to consistently increase its Google Ads budget to achieve the same or worse results than it had previously.

Years previously, they would be able to acquire a personal injury client for €350.


That figure has risen rapidly.

It crept to €500.

Then €600.

Now, you can end up paying close to €1,000 in the most competitive locations.

All of this was eating the bottom line of the firm.

So, Evolve Marketing started a backend focused campaign to get Ciaran and Rogers Solicitors more from what they were doing.

The first step was a social media ads campaign targeted to website visitors to their site that had not converted into clients.

Below were some of our ads.











These social media ads were focused on two types of visitors;

i) High Intent

People who have a potential claim. These are the people we want to get on a call/ consultation and speak with immediately.

ii) Low Intent

Might not have a claim themselves personally. But, they may have a family member or friend who needs information. Or, they may just be interested in the claims process for a different reason.

With this in mind, we tie in email sequences to nurture potential claimants and help them on their journey. We also offered different claimant guides to give them key information.

Our original goal was to get more claims in the door while not significantly raising the monthly marketing spend of Rogers Solicitors, which we achieved.

These were our results.

Over a 2 month period...

We only spent €176 and our return was

6,450 Impressions

62 Link Clicks

14 Leads


3 New Personal Injury Clients


Client Acquisition Cost = €60

This gave Rogers Solicitors a previously unheard of acquisition cost for a personal injury client.

Client Acquisition Cost before Evolve Marketing = €600

We decreased Rogers Solicitors cost to acquire a client by 360%

We also got numerous people who signed up for both our email sequences on personal injury claims and medical negligence.

This same strategy can be applied and be successful if your firm is spending 2,000  a month on Google Ads or 50,000.

If Rogers Solicitors had a bigger team and were spending more on Google Ads, these results would be multiplied.

Does your own firm need more personal injury clients?

Does your firm spend money on Google Ads?

Are you continuously having to increase your budget?

Book a consultation with our team and we can chat through how we can get you more personal injury clients without having to double your marketing spend.

Our Solution

The Results

Next Steps?

Ciaran Rogers

Owner, Rogers Solicitors

"Tadhg and the Evolve Marketing team were able to offer our personal injury firm a new source of claimants at a cost per case that we could never have imagined. This new strategy is the way forward for PI firms."

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